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Sending – May Your Gratitude Overflow by Karmen Krahn
Sunday Service - A Garden in Eden by Lois Siemens
Visual Art - Goldfinch Sipping Nectar by Maren Hange
Confessing/Reconciling – Longing for Peace by Marilyn Rudy-Froese
Call to Worship – Longing for Love, Grace, and Peace by Eleanor Epp-Stobbe
Call to Worship – Jesus Christ, The Fullness of God by Leah Kabira
Visual Art - Grayscale Bird by Maren Hange
Call to Worship – Put Christ in Our Hearts by Leah Kabira
Gathering – We are Your People by Marilyn Rudy-Froese
Gathering Prayer - Faithful and Persistent God by Lois Siemens
Gathering – Come to the Lord’s Table by Susan Miller
Call to Worship – Praise: You Visit the Earth and Water It by Karmen Krahn
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