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Benediction – You Are a People by Joanna Harader
Prayer – In the Valley by Joanna Harader
Opening Prayer - In You We Live by June Mears Driedger
Reading - Did I See You? by Carol Penner
Offering - Set Free by Harold Schlegel
Opening Prayer - Keep Temptation From Us by Leader Worship Team Lent-Easter 2014
Prayer of Confession - We Hem Others Out by Donna Mast
Prayer - Set Us Free by Norma Duerksen
Benediction - New Life in Christ by Dave Foncannon
Offering – Bless Us in Your Ministry by Eleanor Epp-Stobbe
Sermon Starter – Claiming Christ, Loving All: Christian Commitment in a Pluralistic World by Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship
Call to Worship - Mothers Day by Carol Penner
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