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Praising - Psalm 138 by Dave Foncannon
Praising - Steadfast Forever by Linda Gehman Peachey
Praising/Adoring – Sing Praise to the Lord by Norma B Duerksen
Praise and Adoration - Your People Forever by Ron Byler
Adoration - Psalm of Praise by Carol Penner
Adoration - Immortal God by Mary Ann Weber
Praising - You Bless Us by Linda Gehman Peachey
Praying – We Worship You by Esther Lanting
Proclaiming - You Show Us the Path of Life by Brett Klingenberg
Praising - Let Us All Praise God by Ruth R. Harder
Praising - We Give Thanks by Carol Penner
Praising - Praise the Lord! by Emily Toews
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