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Opening Prayer – Signs of God’s Presence by Eleanor Epp-Stobbe
Praying – We Pledge Our Lives to You by Doug Klassen
Opening Prayer - Our Ever-present Refuge by Kathy Weaver Wenger
Invocation - Our Sovereign by Elsie H. R. Rempel
Gathering – Come to the Lord’s Table by Susan Miller
Call to Worship – Celebrate God’s Love and Justice by Colombian Mennonite Church Leaders
Prayer - Come Into Our Presence by Lois Siemens
Invocation – Unity in Diversity by Jorje Hoajaca
Poem - O stay with your Grace by Amanda Jernigan
Call to Worship – The Path of Service by Ken Beidler
Prayer - Be Our Light by April Yamasaki
Opening Prayer - Free Us to Focus on Your Love by June Mears Driedger
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