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Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2019 - Justice on the Journey: Migration and the Anabaptist Story (French, Spanish, and German included) by Willi Hugo Perez
Song - Mi tierra es tu tierra (My Land Is Your Land) (Lyrics, Chords, Lead Sheet) by Marisol Arriaga Aranda
Domingo de la Paz 2018 - Una iglesia de paz renovada acoge al extranjero by Willi Hugo Pérez
Song - Mi tierra es tu tierra (My Land Is Your Land) (Video) by Marisol Arriaga Aranda
Song - Live the Call (Lyrics, Chords, Lead Sheet) by Makinto
Domingo de la Fraternidad Anabautista Mundial 2018 - El Espíritu Santo transformándonos ed. Mennonite World Conference
Song - Live the Call (Video) by Makinto
Peace Sunday 2017 - A Renewed Peace Church Builds Bridges (French and Spanish included) by Tom Yoder Neufeld
Domingo de la Paz 2019 - Una paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento by Janie Blough
Domingo de la Fraternidad Anabautista Mundial 2017 - Mi clamor es escuchado ed. Mennonite World Conference
Domingo de la Paz 2013 - Congreso Mundial Menonita by Lois Siemens
Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2017 - My Cry Is Heard (French, Spanish, and German included) ed. Mennonite World Conference
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