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Benediction - Go into the World by Sandy Miller
Confession - On the Mountain by Lois Siemens
Advent Candle Lighting – Jesus Sets us Free from Sin by Ken Beidler
Benediction - Favor, Mercy, and Love ed. Leader Worship Group
Benediction - Christ is Born ed. Leader Worship Group
Sending - Beloved by Lois Siemens
Confessing Faith - Trinitarian Confession by Sandy Miller
Affirming Faith - In Christ Alone by Rick Lee
Prayer of Confession - We Confess Our Unawareness by Karen Bachman Nafziger
Call to Worship - Come Before the One ed. Leader Worship Group
Sermon Starter - Waiting for the Kingdom ed. Leader Worship Group
Affirming Faith - Whom Shall I Fear? by Ron Rempel
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