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Poem - Failed Argument against Sorrow by Todd Davis
Song - How Can Our Anger (Video) by Rachael Weasley
Poem - Instructions by Sheri Hostetler
Song - Psalm 42 (Lyrics, Chords) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Song - How Can Our Anger (Lyrics) by Rachael Weasley
Song - Psalm 42 (Video) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Sermon Starter - Elisha and the Shunammite Woman by Kathy Weaver Wenger
Confession and Reconciliation - Our Redeemer Lives by Judith Froese Doell
Poem - Holy Saturday by Julia Baker Swann
Prayer – In the Valley by Joanna Harader
Prayer – I Seek a Path through Raging Seas by Joanna Harader
Poem - And the Dead Shall Be Raised Incorruptible by Todd Davis
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