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Song - Worthy of You (Video) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Prayer - Impossible Situations by Joanna Harader
Call to Worship – In God We Take Refuge by Joanna Harader
Song - Psalm 42 (Video) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Song - Mi tierra es tu tierra (My Land Is Your Land) (Video) by Marisol Arriaga Aranda
Visio Divina - Rest in Safety by Ruth Boehm
Song - Now That Light Shines (Video) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Song - O Long-Awaited (Lyrics, Chords, Vocal Parts) by Phil Campbell-Enns
Song - Hope is Ringing Out (Video) by Nichelle Bauman
Song - God Calls Us (Video) by Darryl Neustaedter Barg
Song - Mi tierra es tu tierra (My Land Is Your Land) (Lyrics, Chords, Lead Sheet) by Marisol Arriaga Aranda
Song - There Is More (Video) by Nathan Grieser
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