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Video - A Creative God: The Visual Arts in Worship by A Creative God Project Team
Responsive Reading - Repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery: A Litany for Churches by Ron Flaming
Gathering - Gather Us Close by Wendy Janzen
Sending – Choose Life by Wendy Janzen
Prayer – You are the Way by Alissa Bender
Confessing Sin – Generous Grace by Wendy Janzen
Lament – A Year in the Wilderness by Wendy Janzen
Opening Prayer – Into the Wilderness by Wendy Janzen
Discussion Guide Orientation - A Creative God: The Visual Arts in Worship by Rebecca Slough
Prayer - Summer Solstice by Wendy Janzen
Blessing - Winter Solstice by Wendy Janzen
Prayer-Autumn Equinox by Wendy Janzen
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