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Prayer of Maria van Beckum by Maria van Beckum
Sermon Starter – God Amidst the Shadows by Wilma Cender
Quote of Menno Simons – Witnessing for His Faith by Menno Simons
Reading - Psalm 122 by June Mears Driedger
Congregational Prayer - Graceful Life by Carol Penner
Call to Worship – Come All Who Are Weary by Leah Kabira
Call to Worship – I will Bless the Lord at all Times by Joanna Harader
Call to Worship – I Open my Whole Self to You by Joanna Harader
Sending - Rest Secure by Emily Toews
Praying with the Anabaptists: The Secret of Bearing Fruit ed. Marlene Kropf
Confessing/Reconciling – Help Us Not Judge Others by Elsie Hannah Ruth Rempel
Advent-Epiphany Worship Series - Freedom Bound by Ken Beidler
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