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Pastoral Prayer - We Come with Thankfulness by Lois Siemens
Call to Authenticity and Commitment – Living in God’s Promise by Wilma Cender
Prayer of Thanksgiving - The Gifts of Wisdom ed. Hilary Jerome Scarsella
Prayer – Broken Made Whole by Joanna Harader
Prayer – Forgive Our False Assumptions by Joanna Harader
Prayer of Confession – Forgive Us, O Lord by Lois Siemens
Pastoral Prayer - Thanksgivings and Pleas by Lois Siemens
Praying – We Pledge Our Lives to You by Doug Klassen
Offering Prayer - God Our Provider by Beryl Jantzi
Praise and Thanksgiving - A New Road of Freedom by Dave Foncannon
Prayer – For this Beautiful and Broken World by Joanna Harader
Praying – Christ is Our Hope by Doug Klassen
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