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Together in Worship dreams of curating a collection of visual art intended for use in worship, whether through projection or printing, or by inspiring local artists. Works of visual art in all mediums are welcome. We also aim to provide theological grounding and practical guidance for engaging the visual aspects of worship. We hope these resources will inspire creativity and collaboration among Anabaptist artists.

Additionally, CommonWord curates a supplementary collection of art pieces for other settings.  

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Visual Art - Sustenance for Holy Living: The Bread illust. Gwen M. Stamm
Visual Art - Goldfinch Sipping Nectar by Maren Hange
Visual Art - Stations of the Cross IX: New Life by Jerry Holsopple
Visio Divina - Crocus Shall Blossom (A) by Ruth Boehm
Visual Art - Sustenance for Holy Living: The Spirit illust. Gwen M. Stamm
Visio Divina - Faith, Hope, Love by Linda Thiessen-Belch
Visual Art - We Owe Them a Complicated Debt illust. Rachel Epp Buller
Visio Divina - Steadfast Love by Kevin Driedger
Visual Art - "Stations on the Way" Stations of the Cross by Jerry Holsopple
Visio Divina - Waiting on God by Len Rempel
Visio Divina - A Sower Went Out to Sow (C) by Ruth Boehm
Visio Divina -Springtime by Linda Thiessen-Belch
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