Together in Worship welcomes submissions from Anabaptist individuals, organizations, and communities. Submissions in all languages and for all expressions of Christian worship are welcome.

Submissions must:

  • support corporate Christian worship;
  • come from an Anabaptist source—an individual, group, congregation, or organization;
  • exist in a digital format;
  • be your property to submit (or you must have permission to submit it for someone else).

Submitting a resource means that you allow your work to exist under a Creative Commons licence (see below).

If you would like to submit a resource for possible inclusion on Together in Worship, please email


Further Submission Details:

What we do about copyright:

  • We assume this is your work to share. It can’t include copyrighted content, which includes certain versions of the Bible.
  • Submitters allow their work to exist under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) Licence. Click on the link to go to the Creative Commons page for all the details, but this essentially means:
    • you own this work;
    • you allow people to use it for free as long as they credit you;
    • you allow people to modify your work for their context, but they still need to credit you;
    • in no circumstances can someone sell your work (including the modified versions);
    • you can sell or share this work elsewhere;
    • you have the right to withdraw this license and make it a pure copyright at any time, which means you need to inform us, and we would need to take it down.

What we mean by “digital format”:

  • We need to be able to receive the resource by email or in a link from an online source.
  • For text, we reserve the right to reformat the work to fit our visual guidelines, although we will attempt to keep elements of the original form if that is important to the work (e.g. a poem with distinct formatting).
  • For images, we prefer .jpeg files of at least 1080px.
  • For audio and/or video, we are happy to link to your source, or, if you don’t have a YouTube, Bandcamp, or another site for hosting audio and video, we can host video on our YouTube channel, and we would do the same with your audio.