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Dimanche de la Paix 2019 - Une paix qui surpasse toute compréhension by Janie Blough
Domingo de la Paz 2019 - Una paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento by Janie Blough
Friedenssonntag 2019 - Ein Frieden, der jedes Verstehen übersteigt by Janie Blough
Peace Sunday 2019 - A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding (French, Spanish, and German included) by Janie Blough
Sermon Starter – We Bring Our Fears to God by Ken Beidler
Advent-Epiphany Worship Series - Freedom Bound by Ken Beidler
Call to Worship – The Path of Trust by Ken Beidler
Call to Worship – God is Our Salvation by Ken Beidler
Confession and Assurance – Celebrate New Life ed. Leader Worship Group