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Show Strength: How to Respond when Worship Materials are Implicated in Abuse by Hilary Jerome Scarsella
Benediction – Go in Peace by Willi Hugo Perez
Litany for Peace – God of Life by Joanna Harader
Quote of Menno Simons – Prince of Peace by Menno Simons
Sending – Go and Grow in Peace by Michelle Jantzi Dueck
Sermon Starter – Oh, That You Would Reveal Your Peace by Harry Harder
Benediction – Care for the Sojourner by Willi Hugo Perez
Call to Worship – God is at Work in the World by Joanna Harader
Sending – Christ in Us by Harry Harder
Benediction - Eyes, Ears, Hearts, Minds by Joanna Harader
Call to Worship – We Put our Hope in God by Joanna Harader
Call to Worship – The Journey to the Cross by Joanna Harader
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