Complete Service - July: Abundance and Diversity

2022, 3 pp
Summer is a season of abundance as gardens reach maturity and fruit trees offer ripened fruit. Days are long, flowers bloom and stretch for the sun, and life takes on a playful, care-free spirit. Summer is a celebration of life, of passion, of immersion. Conversely, it can also be a dry time of drought or fires. It is important to read the ‘book of creation’ in your area and allow it to inform your worship.

As we celebrate the abundance of the earth, we also want to recognize the gifts and importance of biodiversity and interconnectedness. As you prepare for this gathering, you may want to do a bit of research into the variety of native plant and animal life in the area where you will meet. The app iNaturalist or local nature groups should have that information available.

In this service, participants will be invited to reflect on areas of growth and vibrancy (or drought or burnout) in their spiritual lives, and deepen their awareness of and appreciation for their many more-than-human neighbours.

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