Complete Service - August: Sunset and Stargazing

2022, 3 pp
August can be a good time for a sunset service, as the evenings start to get shorter in the sun’s movement toward the Autumn equinox. Mid-August is also when the Perseid meteor shower happens, which is an excellent time to watch for shooting stars. Plan ahead by checking out when sunset happens in your area, and decide if you want to invite people to stay later into the night to also watch the stars. As you choose a location, you will want to consider the westerly horizon for viewing the setting sun, and also what sort of lights/light pollution there may be that will affect your ability to see the stars.

This worship gathering can explore Vespers (evening prayer) themes of liminal space between day and night, the daily Examen (prayer that reflects back on the day’s activity and where God’s presence was felt), the gifts and mystical quality of darkness and night, and/or the heavens declaring the glory of God.

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