Transforming Worship with the Children's Story

2007, 4 pp
Many worship leaders wonder about the place and purpose of the children's story. The transparent honesty and spontaneity of the children in this public worship setting can be a blessing, but it can also be a source of amusement and occasionally embarassment for adults. But what does it do for the children? Is it the part of worship that helps younger children understand the substance of the worship theme? Can it facilitate an encounter with God? Or is it a worship component, as some critics of children's stories suggest, that puts children on display for adult gratification?

If the children's story is that part of the worship service where we focus on children as an integral part of the worshiping family of God, we will use it to invite children to open their hearts and wills to the loving heart and will and story of God. The clear communication strategies we use to connect well with children also help many adults to worship more fully.

This brochure offers tips in the preparation and presentation of children's stories and gives links to further resources.

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