Do You See this Woman?: Undoing Patriarchy and Moving Toward Right Relationships

2013, 64 pp

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Do You See This Woman? is a set of resources for worship that seeks to accompany small groups and congregations along the journey of acknowledging the influence of patriarchy in our lives and nurturing right relationships among people of all genders in the church. Patriarchy is the specific social system that reinforces social privilege for men and the oppression of women.

Following God and modelling our lives after Jesus requires that women and men reject patriarchy in all forms. This becomes self-evident as we reflect on the nature of God, on the overarching themes of the Bible, and on the life and teachings of Jesus.

In each of the five services in Do You See This Woman? you will find the basic elements of a worship service and a set of daily devotions. While the services are appropriate for congregational use, they are also adaptable for use by small groups. As you use these resources, customize the elements so that they are meaningful and appropriate for your community. Elements provided in each service include a statement that describes the focus of the service, the biblical text(s) that the service is built on, song suggestions, visual suggestions, a call to worship, confession and assurance, a reflection on the text and its relevance, a suggestion for a collective response to the text, a closing blessing, and seven devotions.

(5 services)

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