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Communion Service – Come to the Table by Carol Penner
Visual Art - Sustenance for Holy Living: The Cup illust. Gwen M. Stamm
Song - Welcome Here (Lyrics) by Rachael Weasley
Epiphany Service - God's Dwelling in Diversity ed. Leader Worship Group
Communion - Advent Response ed. Leader Worship Group
Complete Service - Communion: Earth Eucharist by Wendy Janzen
Invitation to the Table - Doesn't Wisdom Call? ed. Hilary Jerome Scarsella
Visual Art - Sustenance for Holy Living: The Bread illust. Gwen M. Stamm
Visual Art - Sustenance for Holy Living: The Spirit illust. Gwen M. Stamm
Words for Communion - Ephesians 1 by Marlene Kropf
Sermon Starter and Response - Wisdom Calls ed. Hilary Jerome Scarsella
Prayer - Praise of Your Glory by Marlene Kropf
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