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Opening Prayer - Humbly Wanting to Follow You by Kathy Weaver Wenger
Prayer - Overwhelmed by the Spirit by Dave Foncannon
Prayer - Following Jesus' Example by Jewel Harman Shenk
Prayer - Enough by Lois Siemens
Prayer for Illumination - Longing for Clarity by Leader Worship Team Spring 2011
Gathering Prayer - Many Images of You by Lois Siemens
Prayer - Restored to Right Relationship by Rick Lee
Prayer - For the Unemployed by Carol Penner
Prayer - Faithful Witnesses by April Yamasaki
Opening Prayer - Our Ever-present Refuge by Kathy Weaver Wenger
Praying – Keep Us Awake and Alert by Esther Lanting
Opening Prayer - You Find Us and Offer Life by Kathy Weaver Wenger
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