World Refugee Day

On June 20 the United Nations annually recognizes the plight, rights, strength, and resilience of refugees worldwide who face disruptions to their lives due to conflict, violence, war, political upheaval, environmental disasters, etc.

Worship resources dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world.  Appropriate for World Refugee Day (June 20) or at any time during the year. 

Also see Refugees.

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Song - Tears (Audio Recording) by Rachael Weasley
Song - Tears (Lyrics) by Rachael Weasley
Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2019 - Justice on the Journey: Migration and the Anabaptist Story (French, Spanish, and German included) by Willi Hugo Perez
Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday 2017 - My Cry Is Heard (French, Spanish, and German included) ed. Mennonite World Conference
Gathering Prayer - More Than Enough by Lois Siemens
Sermon Starter - Sharing the Harvest by Lois Siemens
Peace Sunday 2015 - Boundaries and Borders (French and German included) by Jürg Bräker